3 Reasons to Always Bring Your Glasses to an Eye Exam

Woman holding glasses

Do you dislike your eyeglasses? Maybe they don’t improve your vision as much as you would like, or you just don’t like wearing them. When this is the case, you may neglect to bring your glasses to your eye appointments, thinking the optometrist should start from scratch rather than work from a pair of glasses you’re not fond of. Other times, you may accidentally leave your glasses at home or grab the wrong pair as you rush out the door to your appointment. However, it’s important to always bring your glasses to an eye exam. Here are three reasons why.

Your eye doctor needs to know what type of glasses you have and how you wear them.

Regardless of whether you like your glasses, your eye doctor still wants to see them, even if the goal is to find out what’s not working for you. Do you wear glasses to correct distance vision, or do you have reading glasses for up-close tasks? Do the glasses have bifocal or trifocal lenses? Do they have progressive lenses that darken when you step outside? What about blue-blocking, scratch-resistant, or anti-glare coatings? The only way for your eye doctor to know is if you bring your glasses to your appointment.

Your eye doctor wants to evaluate how well you see with your glasses.

If your biggest complaint is that your glasses don’t correct your vision properly, it’s helpful for your eye doctor to examine them. A special machine can measure the prescription of your corrective lenses, which your eye doctor can compare to the actual refractive errors in your eyes. Chances are if you’re not seeing clearly, your prescription needs an update.

Your eye doctor wants to compare your current prescription to the new one.

Many people with eyeglasses have some degree of astigmatism. If the optometrist changes your prescription too dramatically, you may not tolerate new glasses well. Eye strain, headaches, a pulling sensation, or the impression that flat objects are slanted could make the new glasses worse than your old ones! These problems may be avoided if your eye doctor can use your old glasses for reference when determining the right strength for new prescription lenses.

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