A Case Study of Two Grandparents

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The Problem:

Two years ago, a couple named Joe and Sarah came to see us at Snead Eye Group. They were in their early sixties, and they had recently moved to Fort Myers for their retirement. Joe and Sarah were excited to live close to their children and enjoy the warm Florida sun. 

However, before they could enjoy their stay, they had to find an eye care provider to take care of them. 

That’s when they started researching online for different doctors, and it wasn’t long before they found themselves at one of the Snead Eye Group offices.  Then that’s where Joe, Sarah, and our doctors set up a goal to preserve their vision throughout retirement. They wanted to be able to stay active for many more decades … and enjoy their golden years. 

The Solution:

Finding a solution to preserve your eyesight for many years is unique when you live in Florida. 

First, you need a plan to follow to keep your eyes healthy. So, we set up regular eye exams and screenings for Joe and Sarah. This step also involved setting up a goal for how they wanted to live for the next five years. 

Next, you need a special plan for when you live in Florida. Why? Because of the sun. Down in Florida, we get more direct sunlight than almost anywhere else in the USA. So protecting your eyes against the sun is important. That’s why we fit both of them with special pairs of protective sunglasses and gave them an eye care regimen to take care of their eyes after being outside. 

The Result:

Two years later, Joe and Sarah are more active than ever. They’re now part of the family here at Snead Eye Group… and we’re happy to say that they love spending time with their grandchildren, going on adventures, and enjoying their retirement. Plus, the best part is- they don’t have to worry about their vision anymore. Why? Because, they’ve got a top team of the best eye doctors, surgeons, and staff taking care of them. That’s an amazing feeling. 

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