February is Low Vision Awareness Month

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

Vision loss and general eye diseases have become major public health concerns. People experiencing vision loss can often suffer from depression and anxiety which stems from difficulty reading and writing. Additionally, people express frustration with activities such as cooking, watching tv and shopping.

The number of people with vision loss has been increasing especially in recent years with people having longer life spans in the United States. Today, 4.2 Americans are visually impaired. Even more alarming is that by 2030, the number of people with visual impairments is expected to reach 7.2 million and a whopping 5 million of those people are expected to have low vision. Unfortunately, low vision is a visual impairment that cannot be corrected by ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery.

How to tell if you have low vision ( here are some signs ) : 

If you have difficulty with any of these, you might be experiencing early warning signs or vision loss.

  • Matching the color of clothes
  • Getting around neighborhoods
  • Fixing things around the house
  • Sewing
  • Recognizing faces

It is possible to help maximize the vision a person currently has even if the person is experiencing signs of vision loss. Vision rehabilitation is a great option for helping people suffering from vision loss. Vision rehabilitation helps those suffering from vision loss to maintain some independence and quality of life by teaching people to move safely around their homes, providing resources, adaptive devices, support and assistance with other activities.

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