How You Can Live an Active Lifestyle Even After Corrective Surgery or Other Corrections

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The Problem: 

Meet John and Mandy. Not too long ago, they both retired after very long careers. Both loved to travel together, spend time outside, and go hiking. They imagine their golden years being full of this freedom, exotic trips to Europe, and adventure.  

However, it wouldn’t be that easy, soon after retiring, they both found it getting harder to see and realized it was getting dangerous for them to travel alone. They were worried their loss of vision would dampen their retirement dreams.  So, John and Mandy came to see us at Snead Eye Group.  

After their eye examinations, John and Mandy learned cataracts had developed in their eyes.  Their frequent exposure to the sun could even have contributed to the cataracts!

The Solution: 

Of course, they were worried. We reassured them that treating cataracts such as theirs could easily be addressed and that their vision could be restored. In fact by the age of 65, cataracts affect over half of Americans. So, cataracts are not unusual, and they are curable.    

Both John and Mandy agreed to have cataract removal surgery here at Snead Eye Group. It’s a quick, painless procedure. We start by removing the cataracts, then we replace the damaged natural lens with a new lens.  If you are a candidate, you can even have the latest trifocal lens implant.  

What’s a trifocal lens you ask? Good question. It’s a special type of lens that goes into your eye. It’s the latest lens technology, and it allows your eye to focus on objects at near, intermediate, and far distances. 

As opposed to standard monofocal or bifocal lenses which only let you focus on objects at one or two distances. These trifocal lenses are superior in every way, and here’s how replacing John and Mandy’s cataracts turned out.  

The Result: 

After a quick recovery (of only 3 days), John and Mandy were back to their normal life. They could see better than ever! During our checkup, they told us that they were even already traveling again.  

Isn’t that fantastic? 

Now that they can see better than they have in decades, they’re excited to travel all over the world together, spend time outdoors, and enjoy their golden years for many more decades to come.  

We love hearing stories like theirs; it’s why we’ve stayed in business for over 35 years! 

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