Cataract Surgery: What to Expect

Cataract Surgery Pre and Post Operative Instructions

During your visit to our office, your instructions for pre-operative and post-operative care during your cataract surgery will be discussed in great detail. One of Snead Eye Group Southwest Florida Optometristour highly trained Surgery Counselors will be reviewing with you what to expect prior to and after your surgery. They will also discuss medications that you may or may not take, any prescriptions and how to use them, and how to prepare for the day of your surgery. It is our goal for you to achieve the best possible experience before, during and after your cataract surgery. We take pride in our patient care, the quality of service and professional expertise dedicated to your eye health and vision.

Cataract Surgery: What to Expect

The big day is finally here. This is the day that your vision will improve in just a matter of a couple of hours. It will be quick, painless and very unlikely that anyone except the person who drove you to surgery will know that you have had cataract surgery. The following information was compiled to make your day go smoothly and ensure a pleasant experience for you.

Please read through the information carefully and feel free to call our office at any time with questions or more information.

Prior to your surgery day:

Review all the information given to you in your surgery packet
(this will include – all instructions for medications, directions and instructions on your pre-operative, post-operative care and what to do upon your arrival at the surgery center)

Arrange to have someone drive you to and from surgery – You will not be able to drive yourself home.

If you were given prescriptions, have them filled prior to surgery day

Remember not to eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery

Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing and tennis shoes or shoes that tie

Do not wear jewelry, make-up or body lotions

Leave your purse, wallet at home or with the person that is driving you, it is best to bring only your driver’s license and insurance cards with you to surgery

By following the instructions given to you by our office, you can be assured of the best possible experience regarding your cataract surgery. Please remember we have a 24 hour answering service for your convenience, should you have any questions.


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