Cataract Surgery Recovery

cataract surgery

Tips for Cataract Surgery Recovery for Our Florida Patients

Snead Eye Group Strives to Optimize the Patient Experience

Modern advancements in cataract surgeries have made recovering after eye cataract removal more comfortable than in years past. Snead Eye Group is one of the only eye surgery centers in Southwest Florida to offer LenSx® Femtosecond Cataract Laser Surgery. Our cataract surgeons use an FDA-cleared custom cataract laser to make more precise incisions for fewer complications during cataract surgery.

With offices in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples, we strive to improve the cataract surgery recovery experience for our Southwest Florida patients. If you follow these helpful post-op tips, your cataract surgery recovery should be brief and uneventful. Feel free to reach out to our friendly eye specialists with any cataract surgery questions or concerns, and we’ll do our best to put you at ease!





Arrange to Have Someone Drive You Home After Surgery

Snead Eye Group only uses a topical anesthetic for most cataract eye surgeries in our offices. An uncomplicated cataract surgery can take less than 15 minutes to perform, but you may need to stay in our recovery area up to an hour afterward for observation. Plan on having someone available to drive you home after surgery, as you may be groggy. Since your eyes may be sensitive to bright lights and glare, plan on wearing sunglasses. Most people go home and rest after surgery.

What Are Common Side Effects During Cataract Surgery Recovery?

Your eyes may be red and bloodshot for a few days due to temporary damage done to your blood vessels during surgery. As your eyes heal, this redness should fade. If you were injected with anesthesia, you might experience bruising similar to a black eye. Many patients experience blurry or double vision and watery eyes. Another common side effect after cataract surgery is dry eyes or a scratchy or gritty sensation while your eyes are healing. Although many of these side effects will wear off within the first few days, full cataract surgery recovery could take up to 4-6 weeks. Please discuss any lingering effects or concerns with your eye doctor during follow-up appointments.

What Are Some Do’s and Don’ts After Cataract Eye Surgery?

Your eye doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye drops after surgery to help prevent infection. Be sure to apply these eye drops as directed daily. Always wash your hands before applying eye drops to avoid infection or irritation. While most patients only experience minor discomfort after cataracts treatment, you may also take oral pain relievers as directed. Here are some other helpful do’s and don’ts to make cataract surgery recovery a breeze:

  • Do not drive until you get the all-clear instruction from your doctor.
  • Do not lift anything heavy or engage in strenuous activity for a few weeks.
  • Do not put additional pressure on your eyes. Try not to bend, sneeze, or vomit after surgery.
  • Do not rub your eyes immediately after surgery. Try not to expose your eyes to any irritants, including dirt, pollen, dust, or wind.
  • Do not go swimming or near a hot tub for at least 4-6 weeks to avoid infection.
  • Do not wear eye makeup for at least 4-6 weeks.
  • Do take it easy for at least the first 2-3 days after surgery. Try not to bump into anything when walking with blurry or distorted vision.
  • Do resume showering or bathing as usual. Try not to get any soap or shampoo in your eyes.
  • Do resume light computer work, TV watching, or reading when you feel up to it.
  • Do plan on attending follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is going smoothly.
cataract surgery

Learn More About Cataract Surgery at Snead Eye Group

According to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, 98% of cataract patients have their vision successfully improved after surgery. If you’re interested in learning more about cataract surgery at one of our Southwest Florida offices, contact Snead Eye Group to schedule an appointment. You may also view patient testimonials and download new patient forms prior to your visit.