Ectropion / Entropion Repair

SNEADEYE GROUP can help you or your loved one if they are suffering from ectropion or entropion with ectropion repair surgery or entropion repair surgery.

Ectropion and entropion are common conditions of the eyelid margin that can directly affect vision and comfort.

People with ectropion (out-turning of the eyelid) can suffer from infection, dermatitis, tearing and other signs and symptoms.

Ectropion can fall into the following categories:

  • Congenital ectropion
  • Cicatricial ectropion
  • Mechanical ectropion
  • Involutional ectropion  (most common)

Entropion (in-turning of the eyelid) can cause patients an irritated eye and the feeling of ‘something in the eye’. This is because of the inwardly rotated eyelashes and eyelid skin.

Like ectropion, entropion is classified into distinct categories:
  • Congenital entropion
  • Cicatricial entropion
  • Involutional entropion


• Documented ectropion with chronic eye irritation despite topical lubrication • Exposure keratopathy • Chronic keratoconjunctivopathy • Tearing related to outflow (punctal ectropion or tear pump dysfunction) • Tearing related to reflex (chronic irritation) • Chronic dermatitis from tear irritation of periocular skin

Financing for your ectropion / entropion eyelid surgery is available

SNEADEYE GROUP works with Care Credit, a finance company that can help patients pay any high insurance deductible. When patients apply and are approved we offer a two year, no interest rate, payment plan. Learn more about Care Credit financing.

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