How Do you Care for your Aging Parents?

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If you’re helping to take care of your parents, but you’re having trouble staying on top of it. Plus, you’re not sure about how to keep their eye health in check… 

Then hopefully reading this case study will help you. 

The Problem:

This is a case study about Linda. She’s like many of our other patients. Linda is a mom in her 40’s with WAY too much to do. 

One of her duties is taking care of her parents. Of course, she’s happy to help them out- but sometimes everything just piles up doesn’t it? 

Linda knew her parents had vision problems. It was getting harder for them to see. They complained about having trouble reading in bed at night. 

She also knew that her parents hadn’t been to an eye doctor in 2-3 years. They recently moved down to Florida, and they needed to find a new eye doctor. 

That’s how Linda found herself down here at Snead Eye Group. 

The Solution:

Linda wanted us to put her parents on an eye health plan. So that she wouldn’t have to worry about their vision problems. 

That’s exactly what we did. Their first visit started with iWellness screenings, new glasses, and a new plan. This new plan involved yearly eye exams, goals, and eye screenings. 

The Result:

Over the past 2 years, Linda and her family have stuck with the plan we created. She told us that she feels much better about her parent’s health. Linda doesn’t have to worry about her parent’s vision anymore… and she feels safe and secure knowing they’ve been taken care of. 

As for her parents…

After their regular eye exams, and by following their eye doctor’s instructions- they’re feeling better than ever. They’re still coming to visit us here at Snead Eye Group multiple times per year. We’re keeping a close eye on their vision, looking for problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and eye disease. 

Knowing you have someone looking over your parents gives you a great feeling of peace and security. 

If you want us to look over your parents (or your family)… then we can help. Simply call the number to set up your appointment. (239) 936-8686


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