How Soon Should You See An Eye Doctor?

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You’re a busy mom! We totally get it. You’re spending most of your time taking care of the kids, your parents, and the house, the last thing you think about are your eyes. 

Your eyes are crucial; when your vision goes bad … that’s something that you can’t replace. So, you really have to take care of your eyes. The earlier you get started the better. 

Take this case study about Mandy for example:


Mandy’s your classic busy mom. She’s busy from dusk to dawn, and rarely has time to even breathe. 

Luckily, she didn’t wear glasses for most of her life. Until, one day in her early forties, she noticed she was having trouble seeing. Words looked fuzzy to her on paper, and she was worried that it would get worse. 

Mandy started looking for an eye doctor. Soon after, she made her first visit to Snead Eye Group.

During that visit, we found that Mandy had a common problem that occurs when a person ages. As time goes on it would become harder and harder for Mandy to see. 


Since Mandy came into our office early, we knew a good maintenance plan for her eyes would be perfect. It would save her from potential early vision loss, and all it would take is one simple plan.  

We created a healthy eye plan for Mandy, including our iWellness screenings, to keep her eyes in the best shape possible for years to come.


Over the last ten years, Mandy had fantastic results. She looks and feels better than ever. We have slowed her vision loss, and she told us that she feels great about the future. 

Now, she doesn’t have to worry about missing a moment of her life. She can enjoy great vision for many more years so she can live her life the way she wants to.  The future looks bright (and clear) for Mandy. 

Here’s the best part. Mandy is just one of our many happy customers here at Snead Eye Group. We would love for you to be our next success story! 

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