How To Care For Your Parents In Sunny Southwest Florida

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Fort Myers is a hotbed for retirees and parents to live. Many of them move near their children, who also live here. Other retirees move far away from their children. Yet- whatever the case is, it’s important for many people to keep their parents healthy and independent. 

The hot Florida sun doesn’t help. The UV rays penetrate deep into your parent’s eyes, speeding up the buildup of cataracts, muscle loosening, and eye disease. In fact, Florida has one of the highest rates of cataract in the US. That’s why combating these problems and protecting your parents’ eyes is critical. 

What’s the solution? Find the person who knows EVERYTHING about your parents’ eyes. And build a relationship with that person. (or team) 

Here’s What Our Team At Snead Eye Group Can Do For You:

  1.         Catch Eye Problems Early. 

Did you know that cataracts, glaucoma, and eye disease develop for years before your parents notice? But, a simple iWellness screening shows an eye doctor what’s really going on in your parent’s eyes. Meaning we can catch eye problems before they get out of control. 

  1.         Squash Other Diseases. 

Your eyes are like a window into the health of your body. Your eye doctor can peer into your parents’ eyes to detect harmful diseases. For example, they can see high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. So, annual visits to your eye doctor can help you catch these terrible diseases early. 

  1.         Support Their Vision

There’s nothing worse than watching your parents’ vision fade. It becomes harder for them to read at night. They have to find someone to drive them to the store. And it gets harder to do normal things on their own… 

Glasses, contacts, and even some surgeries help keep your parents’ vision healthy. All so you guys can feel safe and confident knowing you have a friendly eye doctor looking over your parents’ eyes. Imagine your parents doing what they love, with whom they love for many more years.

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