How to Prepare for an Eye Exam

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Has it been a while since your last eye exam? You should prioritize this preventative care to help you monitor your vision and catch any concerning problems with your eyes. Still, if you haven’t been to the eye doctor recently, you may not be sure what to bring or remember what to expect during your visit. Here’s how to prepare for an eye exam to maximize your time with the eye doctor.

Know What to Bring to Your Eye Exam

In the days leading up to your appointment, make sure you have everything you need to help the visit go smoothly. Here’s what to bring to an eye exam:

  • Current eyeglasses or contact lenses: If you have glasses, wear them to your appointment. Even if you primarily wear contact lenses, switch to your spare glasses and bring your contact lenses with you.
  • Eyewear prescription: If you can’t find the paper copy of your prescription, bring one contact lens box for each eye. A technician can also determine your prescription by setting your glasses in a special machine.
  • Sunglasses: Not all eye exams include pupil dilation, but if your optometrist recommends this, you’ll need sunglasses to tolerate bright light for a while.
  • Medical and vision history: Be prepared to share your medical conditions, vision history, recent health changes, and medications you currently take.
  • Insurance details: Bring your vision insurance card to your appointment.
  • List of questions and concerns: While preparing for an eye exam, pay close attention to your eyesight. Has your vision changed since your last visit? Have you noticed blurry vision, flashes of light, poor night vision, double vision, or excessive floaters? These are all concerns to bring up with your eye doctor.

Know What to Expect During an Eye Exam

When you schedule an eye exam, allot 60 to 90 minutes for your appointment, especially if you think you’ll be picking out new glasses or discussing treatment options. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to park and check in without feeling flustered. You may need to fill out paperwork, especially if this is your first visit with a new eye doctor, and arriving early gives you more time to do this.

The exam itself involves several eye tests. An optometrist (eye doctor), ophthalmologist (surgical eye doctor), or ophthalmic technician may perform these tests using eye charts, phoropters, retinal cameras, and high-tech machines. You’ll leave the exam with an updated eyewear prescription, and if your eye doctor diagnoses any eye conditions during your appointment, you’ll also have a new treatment plan in mind.

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