New Lens Technology

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Snead Eye Group New technology available for hard to fit contact lens patients.

Successful management of contact lenses can be a frustrating process for patients with irregular corneas. The fitting and evaluation process may involve multiple visits and increased costs.  Fortunately the contact lens industry has responded to the need for better contact lens materials and technologies to assist hard to fit patients.  New vault mapping software available at SNEAD EYE GROUP is used for more precise visualization and mapping of the central corneal clearance (CCC), a key measurement related to how well a lens rests on the eye.

In addition to software technology, more patients are being fit with newer generation hybrid lenses and scleral lenses. These newer designs vault over the central cornea and do not rest on the cornea at all. The result is greater comfort and  successful wear strategies for full-time contact lens use.


With new software technology and lens designs, the science of fitting and evaluating contact lenses has taken a big leap forward. If you or someone you know has problems with their vision or contact lens comfort, contact a SNEAD EYE GROUP physician today.  SNEAD EYE GROUP stays on the cutting edge of eye health diagnosis and treatment options in order to guarantee you’ll see your very best!


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