Need to Believe your Practice Can Help Them as well as the Other People they Make Decisions for as well

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Caring for your eyes, your children’s eyes, and your parents’ vision is stressful. What eye doctor do you visit? How often do you go? And what do you do if there’s an emergency?
If you think about these things- then you’ll love this case study.

The Problem:

Jackie is a mother in her 40s. She has a big family where she lives with her kids, and her parents live next door. Jackie puts her heart and soul into taking care of everybody, and a big part of that care is making sure her parents have healthy vision.

One day, she was talking to her father, Richard, and he told her he had “foggy vision” causing it to be more difficult to see… so she raced to the internet to find an eye doctor. She wanted an eye doctor she could trust, who would take care of her father and the rest of her family should they need eye care in the future too.

The Solution:

Jackie and her father gave Snead Eye Group a chance. She called our office, and we scheduled them for an appointment.

During the examination, we found that he had cataracts in both eyes. You could see the worry in Jackie’s eyes for her father. However, after we told them how common cataracts are, and how easy removing a cataract is, they were comfortable in moving forward with the option of surgery.

So- Dr. Snead performed laser cataract surgery, and was then able to place the Panoptix Trifocal Lenses in both of Richard’s eyes.

The Result:

Jackie’s father had a quick recovery after his surgery. In fact, he was back to his normal daily routine the very next day. He even said that it’s like his eyes were 20 years younger.
Because he could see better than ever. Thanks to the trifocal lenses- objects appear clearer and sharper, and now he rarely has to wear glasses at all. Pretty cool, right?

Studies show that 80.5% of people who have Panoptix lenses report not having to wear glasses in the last week. In fact, 99% of people say they would choose Panoptix lenses again, and 98% would recommend them to family and friends.

Jackie and Richard had a great experience with Snead Eye Group. We hope you’ll be our next happy patient.
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