How a continuum of care practice can help not only themselves but their family – a story they can relate to.

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If you want to know what to do when it becomes harder to see.

Then read this case study closely:

The Problem:

This case study follows Sandra’s story. She had just entered her 40’s and throughout her whole life Sandra always had good vision. She never even had to wear glasses. Yet, now she was watching her vision fade.

It became harder for Sandra to read the newspaper in the morning. And while driving, she would have to squint really hard to read the signs.

What do you do when your vision is going bad?

See your eye doctor of course! Sandra came to visit us at Snead Eye Group. After her eye exam, we found that she had presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural loosening of the lens of your eye. This makes it harder for your eye to focus- making it difficult to read, drive, and do things on your own without glasses. In fact, doctors estimate that presbyopia affects 1.8 BILLION people.

The Solution:

Sandra wanted a way to preserve her vision. So, we put her on a Continuum of Care Plan. 

Continuum of Care is a detailed eye care system. There are 3 steps. We started by creating an “eye health goal” for Sandra. Then after deciding that she wanted great eye health and 20-20 vision- we created a plan to help her get there. 

This plan involved an initial eye screening followed by annual eye exams, prescription sunglasses, and an “eyecare routine” to keep her vision healthy. After that, the third step was to execute the plan, collect data, and improve the plan.

The Result:

Over the past few years, a few things have happened. Sandra’s eye care routine helped her to manage the effects of presbyopia. We even caught developing cataracts in her eyes earlier this year, which is incredibly beneficial to be able to diagnose early on so they may be treated when symptoms affect her daily living.

So Sandra’s cataracts were removed, and Dr Snead even used the latest technology, the Panoptix Trifocal Lenses, the Gold Standard in the industry, for those patients that are candidates.

Now, Sandra sees better than ever because of her new Trifocal Lenses! She has no problem reading the newspaper in the morning, or driving to the store anymore. Sandra is able to live life more confidently with her improved vision that we were able to help to restore. 

It’s helpful to have someone you trust taking care of your eyes. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing you have an eye doctor caring for you and your family. 

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