Snead Eye Group offers Free Community Eye-Health Check-Up Events

As a service to our community, The Snead Eye Group, founded by Dr. John Snead in 1985, offers thorough, free “Eye-Health Check-Up” events at a variety of Southwest Florida locations such as: real estate developments, retirement communities,social forums, and expos. During this free service, our knowledgeable staff conducts a vision screening and a slit lamp exam in order to detect any vision problems such as; the beginning of cataracts, decreased vision due to other diseases/impairments or loss of peripheral vision as a result of droopy eyelids.

Too often, people neglect their vision due to busy schedules or other challenges in their lives. Dr. Snead knows that a thorough preliminary screening is important to find potential problems early, in order to provide preventative care or corrective treatment before the problem gets

The Snead Eye Group provides comprehensive eye care, including: surgery and or treatments for cataracts, astigmatism, glaucoma, eye floaters and other diseases of the eye; corrective vision techniques such as prescription glasses, contact lenses and implants; as well as a wide range of
cosmetic care.

The Snead Eye Group is currently partnering with AAA to provide this complimentary “Eye Health Check-Up” service to the auto insurance company’s Senior Defensive Driver Classes.

The Snead Eye Group has convenient offices throughout Southwest Florida, from Naples to Port Charlotte.