Kahook Dual Blade

kahook-dual-bladeThe Kahook Dual BLade is designed to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) by removing a section of trabecular meshwork (TM) and the inner wall of Schlemm’s canal. Using direct gonioscopy, the dual blade is inserted through a clear corneal incision and advanced to the opposite angle. The blade is designed to conform to the drainage angle anatomy of the human eye. The sharp tip of the device penetrates the TM and enters Schlemm’s canal. The ramp of the device elevates the TM toward the dual blades, where it is incised. It performs an ab interno trabeculectomy by engaging TM and cutting the target tissue while minimizing leaflets left in place and damage to adjacent tissues. The result is nearly complete excision of TM.

meshworkIt can be a stand-alone procedure, which is quick, or performed in combination with cataract surgery. Some surgeons are combining the Kahook Dual Blade, which targets aqueous outflow, with endocyclophotocoagulation, which targets aqueous production.

Advantages of the Kahook Dual Blade

Because the Kahook Dual Blade procedure is quick and painless, requiring no sutures and providing rapid postoperative visual recovery, patient satisfaction is often high. Unlike trabeculectomies, it carries no risk of bleb-related infections or bleb leaks.