Snead Eye Group’s 30 Year Anniversary

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July 29 marks Snead Eye Group’s 30 year anniversary, announced

John W. Snead, M.D., F.A.C.S., founder and medical director. Dr. Snead celebrates the occasion by offering a 30 percent discount on eyeglass frames through the month of August in honor of his 30 years.

One of largest ophthalmology practices in Southwest Florida with more than 30 experienced staff members, three ophthalmologists and one optometrist, Snead Eye Group provides eye care services for a lifetime, from fitting children with their first pair of glasses to curing cataracts. The latest technology and treatment options are available from Snead Eye Group with locations in Fort Myers and Naples.

“I sincerely thank the wonderful patients and staff members that have made the last 30 years at Snead Eye Group so amazing. Whether curing cataracts or fixing droopy eyelids, it has always been my goal to give my neighbors here in Southwest Florida the gift of sight,” said Dr. John W. Snead.




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