Snead Insights – Annual Eye Exams Can Be Lifesavers!

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It’s important not to wait until you notice a change in your vision before scheduling your annual eye exam because eye problems are many times silent and present no symptoms. A recent study found that one in four adults were unaware that an eye exam could prevent them from losing their eye sight. Even if you’ve had laser vision surgery or have naturally good vision, it’s important to see your eye care professional annually. During your exam, a SNEAD EYE GROUP physician will look for eye muscle imbalance, vision disorders, and eye disease that could potentially cause future problems.

So don’t wait until a street sign looks blurry, or you have trouble seeing objects close up. In addition to detecting vision changes, regular eye exams can also detect life-threatening conditions such as high cholesterol and even brain tumors. The slower months in Southwest Florida are a good time to visit SNEAD EYE GROUP.

During the month of August, SNEAD EYE GROUP is offering 30% off eyeglass frames in our optical department.

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