Snead Insights – Cataract Awareness Month

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The numbers regarding cataracts are nearly astonishing. Did you know cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world? There are more than 24 million Americans age 40 and older with cataracts and more than half of all Americans will have cataracts by age 80.

June is Cataract Awareness Month and at SNEAD EYE GROUP we want to keep you informed of treatment options to keep you seeing your best.
Symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision, decreased vision at night, “halos” around lights and needing more light to read. These symptoms could also be indications of other eye problems, so it’s important to see your doctor if you are experiencing any of these.

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. One eye at a time is treated and the procedure takes less than fifteen minutes. Because the eye is numbed with drops, patients typically feel nothing during or after the procedure. The cataract is removed through a tiny incision and a clear implant is put in its place.

New technology now allows patients several choices of lens implants that reduce the need for glasses after surgery. The decision on which implant is best for you should be determined by you and your SNEAD EYE GROUP surgeon, taking into account your lifestyle and overall health of your eye. At SNEAD EYE GROUP you are guaranteed to experience your best vision possible!

Although you can’t prevent cataracts, they are curable. Once cataracts begin restricting your activities or decreasing your ability to participate in normal activities like reading or driving, it’s time to talk with a SNEAD EYE GROUP physician about your surgery options.

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