Dry Eye Disease

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Snead Eye Group Dry Eyes Some woman forty years or older may notice certain changes in their eyes such as increasing discomfort with contact lenses, the inability to tolerate make-up, burning, redness and foreign body sensation. These can all be signs of dry eye disease, a pervasive disease among adults, particularly women 40+ years of age due to various systemic diseases and normal, gender-related hormonal changes. Consequences of dry eyes range from subtle, but constant eye irritation to significant inflammation, and even scarring of the front surface of the eye. Early treatment of this disease ensures better response.

SNEAD EYE GROUP has an ever expanding array of treatment options to help customize care and provide the best outcome for dry eye patients. If you are experiencing scratchiness or burning in your eyes, it may not be seasonal allergies. An evaluation by a SNEAD EYE GROUP professional can help detect and treat dry eyes for optimal results and increased personal comfort.

SNEAD EYE GROUP will be opening a new location at 15215 Collier Boulevard in Naples in the near future! We’re excited to bring additional staff and physician on board to better serve our expanding client base in Collier County!


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