Dr. Rosen Shares Vision with Lighthouse of SWFL

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Snead Eye Group’s Dr. Rosen Shares Vision with Lighthouse of SWFL

In the words of Helen Keller, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Thankfully, the leadership team of The Lighthouse of SWFL has the vision required to understand and meet the many needs of southwest Florida’s blind and sight-impaired residents; Snead Eye Group shares and actively supports that vision as well.

Lighthouse of SWFL is a United Way Partner agency with a mission to enable people of all ages living with a visual impairment or blindness to remain independent, active and productive in society. Snead Eye Group’s Dr. Jay S. Rosen, OD, FAAO, demonstrates his commitment to that mission by serving on the Board of Directors of The Lighthouse of SWFL in the capacity of Director.

Dr. Rosen has been an active member and integral part of Lighthouse’s Board of Directors since September, 2011; he was enthusiastically recommended by Read More

February is AMD/LOW Vision Awareness Month!

awareness Age-related macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss, affecting more than 15 million Americans age 50 and older.

AMD primarily destroys the sharp central vision controlled at the back of the retina by the macula and can develop so slowly that it is not until vision is severely affected that a patient may begin to notice. Try this to get an idea of what AMD is like: Close your left eye. Make a fist with your right hand. Put your fist in front of your right eye. All you will see are objects in the periphery of your sight. This is how someone affected by AMD may see the world. Sharp central vision is obviously needed to read, drive, watch television and perform other daily tasks that require straight ahead vision.

Risk factors, which you can control, include High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and smoking. Risks you cannot control include age, family history, gender and race.

How do you know if you may be affected by AMD? Symptoms include straight lines or faces appearing wavy, doorways which appear crooked and objects appearing smaller or farther away than they really are.

If you or someone you know thinks they may be experiencing any of these issues, it is vitally important to see a SNEAD EYE GROUP professional for an evaluation and diagnosis. Drug therapies, injection, laser therapy, and even tiny, implantable devices which magnify images onto the retina, are all possible treatments for AMD. It is important see a knowledgeable ophthalmologist such as Dr. John or Dr. Brad Snead at SNEAD EYE GROUP to discuss your options.


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