Snead Insights – Night Vision

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Has driving at night become a challenge? Difficulty with night vision can stem from chronic disease such as diabetes or cataracts, even a vitamin deficiency. Has your night vision ever seemed worse after a trip to the beach? Bright sunlight for an extended period can impair night vision for up to two days. Wear your sunglasses regularly to avoid this problem!

If you’re experiencing issues with nighttime vision, it’s time for a visit to an eye doctor. The professionals at SNEAD EYE GROUP are specially trained to diagnose and treat this and many more conditions.

SEASONAL RESIDENTS BE PREPARED! It’s always a good idea to establish yourself with a local eye care professional in addition to a doctor you may see “up north.” Establishing yourself with a local eye care professional can provide peace of mind and quicker access to a doctor of your choice should an emergency arise. SNEAD EYE GROUP is here to serve your needs and insure that you have a trained, highly skilled professional when or if you need one locally.


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