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Meet Jessica, she is a forty-five-year-old single parent who works two full-time jobs. When she isn’t working, she’s watching her athletically gifted daughter, Emily, play softball. As you can imagine, Jessica doesn’t have much free time between juggling her jobs and helping her eighteen-year-old daughter fill out college applications.

Lately, after work, Jessica finds herself proofreading Emily’s college application letters. She’s recently noticed that reading has become a difficult task. Her vision tends to blur anytime she has to focus on something up close. Jessica knew that she’s been postponing her eye visits for far too long but continued to delay the inevitable eye exam.

A few months later, Emily graduated from high school with a full-ride scholarship to play softball at a university. Jessica was extremely proud and excited for her daughter to start this next stage in life, and soon Emily moved out and began her schooling. Jessica had a lot more free time on her hands and was finally able to schedule that eye appointment. Only now, her vision seemed to have worsened. Every time she needed to do a task close up her vision blurred, and left her with a headache and feeling tired.

When she arrived at Snead Eye Group, she was brought into the eye examination room. Following her exam Jessica was informed, the reason she had difficulty seeing was because of presbyopia. Presbyopia tends to form during your forties and it stems from a gradual loss of flexibility in the natural lens of the eye. As we age, the eye loses elasticity and has a harder time focusing up close.


After receiving this news, Jessica was worried and rightfully so, but we reassured her that presbyopia is not unusual. In fact, her vision could still be completely restored by simply wearing glasses or contacts!

Jessica was relieved, after speaking with the doctor she decided on monovision contact lenses. This is perfect for the patient who wants the least amount of dependency on glasses and the very best vision possible. These contact lenses will be used for correction by wearing one contact for distance and one for close up. These lenses are perfect for busy people on the go!

Later, Jessica arrived to pick up her prescription contacts and was in awe by how quick and easy the whole process was.


We called to check in on Jessica regarding her new prescription lenses. She stated that she experienced no discomfort, and she could see better than ever before. She was amazed at how this simple visit made her quality of life better. Only you can decide when it is time to open your eyes to a bright clear world. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


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