Why Do I Need An Eye Doctor?

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When they reach their 40’s- many people have vision problems. Objects become blurry. It gets harder to read books, your phone, and the newspaper. And some people start dealing with “dry eyes.” 

What’s the problem? 

It’s called “presbyopia.” That’s where the lens in your eye starts losing its elasticity. Which makes it harder for your eyes to focus. It’s like you’re holding a camera where the “focus button” doesn’t work anymore… 

In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmologists estimated that 1.5 billion people in the world suffer from “presbyopia.” So even if you don’t see the effects yet- it could be coming. 

And the last thing many women want to do is wear ugly glasses. (or keep wearing them)

Instead- here are some reasons why you should find an eye care provider- so you can stay looking and feeling young for decades.

Reason #1- Squash Eye Diseases Before They Become A Problemoptometrist

Did you know that the leading cause of blindness in the USA are age-related eye diseases?

Diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or cataracts can cause a world of trouble. And worse yet- some of these diseases even plague patients who previously said: 

“My vision is OK- I don’t need to see an eye doctor.” 

Yet- when their eye doctor looked at their eye- they were both surprised to see early signs of cataracts or glaucoma

That’s why having an ophthalmologist near you or on your side is so important. Because we can look straight through your pupil to see what’s really happening. Before things get out of control. 

Reason #2- Have A New Family Friend Who Watches Over Your Eyes

mothe and daughter sitting on a bench wearing eye glasses

Most people go to regular dental checkups. (At least I hope!) Yet- many women see their eye doctor less than once every two years.

That’s a mistake. Why? Because your eyes are the window into your entire life! They create everything you see, experience, and remember. So it only makes sense to pay extra attention to your eyes right? 

Correct. And here at Snead Eye Group- you’ll have a team of friendly specialists who watch over your eyes. They’ll watch over you for years and decades so you can feel comfortable knowing your eye health is taken care of. 

Reason #3- Get The Latest In Eye Care Technology

eye cataract technology

It’s no secret that technology is changing fast. There are crazy gadgets everywhere, computers on every street corner, and holograms of Michael Jackson performing at concerts…

And the same technology boom is happening with eye care technology. For example- new scanning technologies to help diagnose diabetes-related eye diseases. Or artificial intelligence solutions which help ophthalmologists diagnose complicated diseases in less time. 

I’m telling you this because, when you have an eye-care doctor you can trust from the Snead Eye Group… they’ll keep you up to date with the latest technology to keep your eyes healthy for longer. 

For you, and your whole family. 

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