Yes, Eye Exams Are Important!

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You see your doctor for a yearly check-up and it is equally important to have an annual eye exam, regardless of your age or physical health.

When you visit Snead Eye Group your exam will be thorough and accomplish more than just determining a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Firs, our state-of-the-art digital OPD Wavefront Test will evaluate your unique vision needs. The next step will determine your current vision. This will include a refraction and other important tests for your overall eye health assessment.

Dilating your eyes will be the last step before seeing the doctor. Dilation enables us to see into the back of your eye to check the retina, macula, and other internal structures. Here the doctor will check for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health. Then the treatment options to guarantee your best vision possible are determined.

Maintaining good eye health can dramatically affect your quality of life now and for years to come. Snead Eye Group is dedicated to helping you see your best. If you or someone you know needs of an eye exam, please call our office today for an appointment.

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