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  SNEAD   EYE GROUP is located in sunny southwest Florida with convenient locations in Lee, and Collier Counties.  We are very fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful area, with a warm tropical climate, mild winters and sunshine almost 365 days a year.  Exotic landscaping and pristine beaches make our area one of the most desired vacation spots in the country.  Please tour our website, view the photos and get to know   SNEAD   EYE GROUP and Southwest Florida.  Our motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

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In addition to delivering the highest quality eye care available to our patients,   SNEAD   EYE GROUP is committed to providing education in vision and eye care to everyone.  Lecturing throughout southwest Florida Dr. Snead brings a clear concise message on the subject of conditions and diseases of the eye as well as the latest information on treatments and procedures available.

The Eye Care Doctors of Snead Eye Group
The Doctors of Snead Eye Group

Educational seminars are one of Dr. Snead’s  most attended lectures and conducted in Lee and Collier counties at various times of the year.  Educating colleagues by hosting his distinguished lecture Series is one more way Dr. Snead contributes to community efforts. In this series, guest speakers are invited to present on many topics and how they relate to eye health, such as prescription medications and possible side effects to vision, as well as physicians who specialize in diabetes and neurology.

Another community service is the Snead Eye Group “See Well, Be Well” initiative. As a community service, Snead Eye Group offers free vision screenings at a variety of locations throughout Southwest Florida such as retirement communities, real estate development, and area businesses. Too often, people neglect their vision due to busy schedules or other challenges in their lives. If your organization is interested in this valuable service, or inviting us to lecture, contact Shelley Tyndall at STyndall@sneadeye.com

Living and working in southwest Florida for over twenty-five years has made Dr. Snead a leader in community support and education and positioned Snead Cataract as the most reliable and sought after practice for information in eye care in our area.

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Cataract Surgery Lens Options

When you choose to have cataract surgery with Snead Eye Group, you and your doctor will choose which replacement lens, or IOL, is best for you.Because there are many factors which will determine the best lens option, we will assist you in making an informed decision on the lens most  suitable for your lifestyle.

Multifocal Lenses

Presbyopia, the Greek word for “aging eye,” is a condition that causes near vision to decrease as we age, making it difficult to see things up-close. Presbyopia is the most prevalent eye condition in America, affecting most people after the age of 40 and nearly everyone by their early 50s. While some lenses are used to see clearly at a distance after cataract surgery, multifocal and accommodating lenses are specially designed to combat the effects of presbyopia for clear distance vision plus a full range of intermediate and near vision, reducing the need for corrective lenses or even reading glasses. Multifocal lenses are for the individual who desires the least amount of dependency on glasses and for busy people on the go, they are often referred to as the best of the best.

If you interested in being free of reading glasses or bifocals, the Acrysof IQ ReSTOR IOL has arrived. This advanced lens is FDA approved and is giving patients clear vision at all distances—near, intermediate, and far! The Acrysof IQ ReSTOR IOL is implanted during cataract surgery to replace the natural lens, which has become clouded by cataracts. This new lens can provide enhanced visual quality and the full range of vision, giving patients an increased independence from reading glasses and bifocals.


The Tecnis® Multifocal IOL is an implant specifically designed to offer both distance and near vision after cataract surgery. This premium lens brings objects at varying distances into focus using a technology called diffraction. A series of rings on the entire inner surface of the Tecnis lens focuses the light from objects in your vision at varying distances. This allows for a smooth transition of focus between distant, intermediate, and near targets.

If you have trouble seeing at a distance as well as up close, or you require bifocals, this IOL might be a better vision solution for you!

Toric Lenses

Toric or astigmatic lenses are for individuals who desire better distance vision and the correction of their astigmatism. Astigmatism is when the eye is longer, or shaped like a football rather than a basketball. As light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focal point, images become distorted. Astigmatism is quite common and can be corrected with intraocular lenses and limbal relaxing incisions performed with the LenSx laser during cataract surgery.

Monofocal, or Standard Vision  Lens implants

focus at one main point that can be set at distance, intermediate or near based on your individual needs. This implant allows for the sharpest possible vision at its set point – usually distance. Since the monofocal lens it typically set to focus at distance, reading glasses or biofocals are often necessary to give patients the best possible near vision. Our standard monofocal lenses are the most advanced in their category, designed for distance and improving image quality.

The final decision on which lens package is best for you will be determined by you and your surgeon once all testing and a full cataract surgery evaluation are completed.

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