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At Snead Eye Group, we’ve got a team of eye specialists. The team at the ‘best eye care centre in Fort Myers and Naples’ is committed to providing exceptional eye care services to each and every patient.

we always try to form your eye care journey as smooth and comfortable as possible.  Snead eye group is having both ophthalmology and optometry services are available. All optometrists working with Snead are highly trained & Professional in clinical assessment and management.

Eye Exam and eye care in Fort Myers and Naples

Just as it’s important to go to your medical doctor for a yearly check-up it’s equally important to have routine eye examinations together with your eye care specialist on a daily basis. Above all Eye Health is also very important.

Certain medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure may require you to check your ophthalmologist more frequently to make sure your vision isn’t decreasing because of your physical health.

Notable risk factors include a higher rate within the development of Glaucoma for African Americans that are over the age of 40, a history of the disease in your family.

Glaucoma as an example is mentioned as “The Silent Thief” because it slowly robs you of vision until detected by your eye care specialist during an entire examination.

symptoms occur slowly and over a period of your time that is why Cataracts also tend to travel unnoticed. Your vision with cataracts will begin to decrease so you’ll find you’re changing eyeglass prescriptions more often.

Dr. Snead suggests that you simply observe vision the maximum amount a part of your health plan as you’d your scheduled visits to your doctor or dentist. A healthy vision promotes a healthy lifestyle. Snead Eye Group is the best eye care centre in Naples and Fort Myers.


Eyecare in Naples Centre

Dry eyes might sound sort of a minor complaint, but they will cause major discomfort. Your eyes may feel stinging, burning, gritty, scratchy, or painful. your vision might sometimes be blurry.

Fortunately, simple steps offer welcome comfort when your eyes desire the Sahara.

  •  Apply Artificial Tears
    Artificial tears can bring real relief from dry eye syndrome, dry eyes caused due to scarcity of natural tears.
  •  Wear Wraparound Shades
    Sunglasses with wraparound frames shield your eyes from sun and wind, slowing the drying of tears.
  •  Turn on a Humidifier
    A humidifier helps in moisturizing to dry indoor air, slowing tear evaporation.
  •  Take Computer Breaks
    Blinking eyelids move tears across your eyes, helping keep them moist. But people don’t blink as often as they must while watching a display screen so results in dryness.
  •  Consume Omega-3 Fats
    Omega-3s may improve tear quality and reduce inflammation in dry eyes. Oily fish, like salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines, and albacore tuna are full of Omega-3s.
  •   Avoid Cigarette Smoke
    Cigarette smoke irritates the eyes, which may cause chronic inflammation of the membrane lining the eyelid. That inflammation can cause eye dryness.

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