Early Intervention Case Study

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Early intervention will allow you to continue to care for your loved ones into the foreseeable future – your good health is their good health.

If you’re a mom- who wants to be able to take care of your family for a few more decades… While feeling amazing. Then I think you will like this story. 

One day- a lady walked into my office. She was worried about her eyes… Over the past couple weeks- her vision started to get blurry, foggy, and it was getting harder for her to read.  So she scheduled an eye exam, and when we peered through her pupil deep into her eyes- we found the problem. 

Cataracts, however- we were also fortunate. Why? Because cataracts- when left untreated can lead to blindness and we had caught them way before they could cause any big problems. 

So she decided to get eye surgery to remove the cataracts, and here’s what she had to say after:

Dr Brad Snead and his office staff are professional, caring and always make you feel welcome and put you at ease.  My cataract and eyelid surgery were scheduled and the surgery was performed at the surgery center next door to the office.  The surgery center nurses and staff are awesome.  Thank you for taking good care of me.” -M Meyer

Now she can rest easy- knowing she will have the power to care for her loved ones for many more years… Because your eyes are the window to the world. It’s hard to care for your family and yourself when it’s hard to see. 

So here’s what we recommend: 

Book an appointment with one of our eye specialists as soon as possible. You’ll leave feeling confident knowing your eye health is in good hands… 

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