Eyelid Lesion Removal

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Eyelid lesions (eyelid bumps) are very common and can be either benign or malignant (cancerous). An evaluation at SNEADEYE GROUP can determine if your eyelid bumps are cancerous or not. While there are some more rare types of eyelid turmors, there are five main types of benign tumors and five main types of malignant tumors.

Benign (non-cancerous) eyelid tumors:

pigmented lesions
benign epithelial tumors
pre-cancerous epithelial tumors
adnexal and cystic tumors

Malignant (cancerous) eyelid tumors:

basal cell carcinoma
squamous cell carcinoma
sebaceous gland carcinoma

Eyelid Bump (lesion) Examination

Benign tumors, even though not cancerous, often require surgical removal and therefore must be examined carefully and the method of eyelid lesion removal planned. The lesion is examined with respect to its size, shape, color, level in the eyelid, mobility, tethering and tenderness. The surrounding area is examined for additional lesions.

If the tumor is suspected to be malignant, additional evaluation including a full medical examination may be needed and other specialists may be consulted in more advanced cases.


The majority of eyelid lumps and bumps are benign and can be easily removed in their entirety by the doctors at SNEADEYE GROUP. However a benign looking lump can actually be cancerous and the cells have to be analyzed microscopically to exclude the possibility that is a malignant tumor.

The treatment of eyelid lesions depends on the diagnosis of a biopsy. Benign eyelid lesions are excised in full and ocular reconstruction performed using direct closure, flaps or grafts.

Malignant tumors may require adjuvant treatment with either radiotherapy or chemotherapy after excision, depending on their diagnosis.

Surgery of eyelid lumps and bumps can frequently be done under local anesthetic, with the surgeon assisted by magnification.

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