How Do Eye Exams Work?

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Everyone has heard how important eye exams are. But many people are still confused. They’re not sure how eye exams work, and they don’t see the benefit of an eye exam, especially if they are seeing well.  Well, we’re hoping this blog post will answer many of your burning questions! 

Here’s How They Go: 

Most people know this one. An eye exam usually starts with a “visual acuity test.”  It’s where you look at a chart, and you read off a series of letters. This helps your eye doctor quickly gauge your vision. And they can tell you if you need glasses (or contacts). 

Also, under a “Continuum of Care Plan,” these visual acuity tests help your eye doctor track changes in your vision over time. That means it’s going to be easier for your doctor to tell if something is wrong with your eye- so you can catch and solve eye diseases before they cause damage to your vision.  

Next, your eye doctor does a pressure test.  

This test measures the pressure inside of your eye. When the pressure is too high, this could be a sign that you have glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the USA. And that’s why it’s an important part of your eye exam.

Your eye exam also contains a “refraction.”  

It’s like the visual acuity exam. However, you’ll look through a device called a “phoropter.” This allows you to read the eye chart through different types of lenses. The purpose for this portion of the exam is for your eye doctor to find your sharpest vision possible.  It will also help detect if your vision is decreased so your eye doctor can find out why.  It is a vital part of the exam and so much more than just determining if a prescription for glasses is needed. 

Here’s one more thing many people don’t know.  

Here at Snead Eye Group we have a new test to offer. So, along with your normal eye exam, we can also perform the “iWellness Screening.” This screening uses the latest technology to create a 3D map of your eye. All you have to do is sit still while the machine scans your eye.  

This allows us to detect problems well before you often have any symptoms. The iWellness Screening gives your doctor the most exact view of your eye health. And it gives us an easy way to catch problems early.   All so you can sleep easy at night knowing you have a team of trusted eye doctors and surgeons looking out for your health.  

“How Do I Get Started?”  

Scheduling an eye exam (or any other procedure) is easy , click > Schedule eye exam for iWellness Screening and follow the easy steps to schedule your appointment.


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