How Making this Decision will Lead to a More Active Lifestyle

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How making this decision will lead to a more active lifestyle and ease the burden on your adult children

As you and your spouse enter retirement the fun begins! You are now able to freely decide what activities lie ahead of you. You both are able to make decisions in the comfort of your home or abroad, living your best life because you worked hard for it. Although many of us assume retirement will be all fun and games, we have to remember as we age our vision tends to worsen. Now is the time to act and preserve your sight for years to come. Not only will this create individual freedom for yourself but it will remove the burden from your children.

By frequently visiting your eye doctor, you provide yourself the opportunity for early diagnosis, treatment plans, and minimizing the impact of chronic vision problems. Dr. Snead suggests that you make good vision as much a part of your health plan as you would your scheduled visits to your doctor or dentist. Healthy vision promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Snead Eye Group offers a “Continuum of Care” program, this program helps you create a vision for your eye health. It also monitors your eye health, so the doctors are able to catch minor issues before they become major problems. This program has helped both old and young patients monitor their eye health and avoid complications that could cost thousands of dollars or maybe even their sight. 

We’ve had many retirees take advantage of this program. Countless retired Naples natives have a strong passion for golfing and enjoy the fact that they can still visually see their ball after an amazing drive. Numerous others love that they still have the ability to travel with their partners and take these trips of a lifetime, while they are still young enough to enjoy it! Lastly, and probably the most common, are those that want to simply live an active lifestyle while maintaining their freedom and not having to burden their children with the responsibility of caring for them as they age. 

Many people in our lives benefit when we take control of our health. Not only does it provide you the best opportunity to live a long and healthy life but it provides everyone with confidence that you can truly care for yourself.


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