How You Can Live An Active Lifestyle Even After Corrective Surgery Or Other Corrections?

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Many people wonder if you can live an active lifestyle after eye surgery. Of course you can!

We’ve had patients who have eye surgery because they want to be able to live a more active lifestyle. Why? Well, it’s hard to play golf, go hiking, travel, or just do daily tasks when it’s hard for you to see or if you are experiencing pain.

Take a look at what one of our happy patients said:

“The operation was actually a breeze and the recovery even easier. The multifocal lenses have given me 20-20 vision and I am so thankful. I can play golf again!”

-Phillip R. 

So many people are intimidated or worried at the thought of eye surgery. Not only is the procedure quick and painless with a fast recovery, but the majority of our patients report a more active lifestyle afterward! 

So if you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, or even a droopy eyelid and you’re ready to fix this problem…  

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