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There’s sunscreen lotion for your skin, but what is there for people to protect their eyes? The tips will help you select the RIGHT eyewear to protect your eyes and vision this summer!

  1. Wear sunglasses with complete ultraviolet protection.
  2. Use goggles at the pool to protect against harsh pool chemicals.
  3. Wash hands and avoid rubbing your eyes.
  4. Wear hats with wide brims to shield your eyes from harsh sunlight.
  5. Protect against chemicals such as hand or body soap bubbles that can    splash up near your eyes.
  6. Keep children safe and start young with eye protection.
  7. Wear eye protection during outdoor activities.
  8. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.
  9. Use eye drops for dry eyes or if you have allergies.
  10. Get adequate sleep, as your eyes are counting on you to be rested.

These 10 tips will help your eyes throughout the hot summer Southwest Florida months. The best thing you can do to care for your eyes in the summer is to wear protective eyewear and a hat for any outdoor activities or tasks that involve potential exposure to toxic chemicals or other contaminants. While you follow this advice for prevention, you can make sure your children do the same.



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