Pterygium Excision

Pterygium are benign tumors that appear as pink tissue that grow onto the cornea from the conjunctiva or the temporal side of the eye. These growths if left untreated can lead to vision loss and chronic eye irritation. Southwest Floridians may be especially susceptive to Pterygium as long-term ultraviolet exposure has been linked as a cause to this condition.

Snead Eye Group can perform an Pterygium Excision to remove these growths when they impair sight, or are expected to impair sight in the future. If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, make an appointment with Snead Eye Group for a full evaluation to learn about your options for treatment.

Don't let your eyesight restrict your activities in Southwest Florida


Snead Eye Group has the knowledge and experience to perform several different eye related surgeries including Pterygium Excision. You can see more of the surgeries offered by Snead Eye Group by navigating to the Eye Health Services tab on our menu. Our doctors perform these surgeries in our Naples and Fort Myers Surgery Centers that are dedicated to ophthalmic surgical procedures including a variety of cataract surgery, LASIK, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty and eyelid surgery.

Financing for your eye surgery is available

Snead Eye Group works with Care Credit, a finance company that can help patients pay any high insurance deductible. When patients apply and are approved we offer a two year, no interest rate, payment plan. Learn more about Care Credit financing.

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