Ahmed Shunt

For some patients suffering from Glaucoma, normal treatment does not always relieve the symptoms associated with the condition such as the build of pressure in the eye. For these patients there are alternatives such as the Ahmed Shunt that can help. In this procedure a shunt, or tube is implanted into the eye to divert the fluid in the eye into an external reservoir. The shunt is made of materials that will not break down in the body, and are therefore safe for a long term solution.

Candidates for this procedure commonly have not had great success with other treatments such as trabeculectomy. Determining the necessary treatment for your Glaucoma is an important decision, and one for which you should seek the advice of your ophthalmologist. Snead Eye Group is a proud provider of the Ahmed Shunt, as well as other Glaucoma procedures. Contact our offices today to setup an appointment for your evaluation.

Snead Eye Group

Financing for your Glaucoma surgery is available

Snead Eye Group works with Care Credit, a finance company that can help patients pay any high insurance deductible. When patients apply and are approved we offer a two year, no interest rate, payment plan. Learn more about Care Credit financing.

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