Eyelid & Eye Lesions

Lesions are cellular growths that can appear on the eye or the eyelid in many different shapes and forms. Most often these growths are non-cancerous but can nonetheless lead to loss of vision, discomfort, and can be embarrassing. The most common forms of eye and eyelid lesions include : chalzions , pterygiums, pinguecula and eye and eyelid cysts and tumors.



A chalazion, usually appearing is the lower or upper eyelid, is a red raised mass typically caused by a blockage of the eyelid’s oil glands. Chalazions are a common development for patients suffering from blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelid.The eventual lump formed by this condition can lead to mild pain, redness and swelling.


Pterygium are benign tumors that appear as pink tissue that grow onto the cornea from the conjunctiva or the temporal side of the eye. These growths if left untreated can lead to vision loss and chronic eye irritation. Southwest Floridians may be especially susceptive to Pterygium as long-term ultraviolet exposure has been linked as a cause to this condition.

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Simliar to Pterygium, Pinguecula is thought to be caused by exposure to UV or sunlight rays. Development of Pinguecula displays as a yellow growth usually found on the side of the eye closest to the nose, but can develop on both sides of the eye. While these growths are benign, left untreated they can develop into a Pterygium, and a proper diagnosis is necessary to not confuse these symptoms. Effects most commonly associated with Pinguecula are swollen, red and irritated eyes.


While a number of different typed of lesions may be harmless, the development of cysts on or around the eye can sometimes indicate other health issues. Cysts differ from lesions in that they are filled with fluid. If a lesion or cyst obstructs the eyelid, significant damage can result from the eyelid’s inability to protect the eye, possibly even damaging vision.

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